Meaning – The term object, refers to a concrete realization of a class that consists of data and the operations associated with that data.

It also refers to an item that a user can manipulate as a single unit to perform a task. An object can appear as text, an icon, or both.

In Tivoli NetView for OS/390, the part of a NetView command follows the verb. The object describes where the action of the verb is to occur.

Objects provide a structured approach to programming. By defining a dataset as a custom object, a developer can easily create multiple similar objects and modify existing objects within a program.

Example of usage“A more advanced example of an object is a character in a video game. The character might have standard attributes, such as a name, hitpoints, and movement speed. It may also contain other objects, such as weapons, armor, items, etc. In this case, the character is the parent object and the objects it contains are child objects.”