Nways Family

Meaning – The term Nways family, refers to a group of IBM switched networking hardware products plus associated software.

The IBM 8270 Nways Token-Ring LAN Switch provides a cost-effective solution to Token-Ring LAN perfor- mance requirements. With a minimum of disruption to existing networks,
you can significantly address LAN performance.

A new member has been added to the IBM 8270 Nways LAN Switch family of Token-Ring LAN switches. The Model 600 joins the Model 800, providing a smaller entry configuration.

Both models allow flexible configuration with rich functionality provided by the common set of Universal Feature Cards (UFCs) they share.

Universal Feature Card slots allow users to build a wide variety of switched network configurations using the broad set of optional feature cards that are shared between both models.

Example of usage“Similar to the Model 800, a typical network would benefit from the Model 600 by having each of its high-volume servers on dedicated full-duplex segments and have client workstations on shared segments using standard Token-Ring concen- trators, such as the IBM 8239 StackableToken-Ring Hub.”