Network Job Entry

Meaning – The term network job entry, refers to an entry in the network job table that specifies the system action required for incoming network jobs sent by a particular user or group of users. Each entry is identified by the user ID of the originating user or group.

An NJE network is a group of two or more complexes or systems that communicate with each other. An NJE network is comprised of nodes that can transmit or receive a unit of work. The nodes in an NJE network use protocols to communicate with each other.

Example of usage“An NJE job is a transfer unit that contains data to be processed at another node in the NJE network. It begins with a job header, is followed by data, and ends with a job trailer. The type of data contained in the NJE job further defines the type of NJE job. The data between the job header and job trailer can be either SYSIN or SYSOUT data.”