Network Controller

Meaning – The term network controller, refers to a concentrator and protocol converter used with SDLC links. By converting protocols, which manage the way data is sent and received, the IBM 3710 Network Controller allows the use of non-SNA devices with an SNA host processor.

A network controller is also referred to as a software that orchestrates network functions. It serves as an intermediary between the business and the network infrastructure. The organization enters their desired business objectives into the controller which in turn sets up the network to deliver on those objectives. Network controllers do their jobs by:

  • Maintaining an inventory of devices in the network and their status
  • Automating device operations such as configurations and image updates
  • Analyzing network operations, identifying potential issues, and suggesting remediations
  • Providing a platform for integration with other applications such as reporting systems

Example of usage“A network controller’s thorough analysis of network traffic may reveal potential security threats. The controller can then act to isolate the threat and prevent its spread.”