Meaning – The term neighbor, refers to a router on a common subnetwork that has been designated by a network administrator to receive routing information.

Network Neighborhood was a desktop icon in Microsoft Windows NT, Windows 95, and Windows 98 that allows users to browse shared network resources on their computers. Using Network Neighborhood, you can browse resources on the network in the same way that you use My Computer to browse the resources on your local machine.

When you open Network Neighborhood to view the connected network, you see all the computers in your present domain or workgroup, plus an entity called Entire Network.

Example of usage“If you know your network domain settings are correct and you try to browse Network Neighborhood but only the Entire Network icon is visible, and if when you double-click on the Entire Network icon you get an error message saying “Unable to browse the network,” your network cable might have come loose from its network interface card (NIC).”