Native Node

Meaning – The term native node, refers to a node with no MPTN capability. Native Node.js modules are supported by Electron, but since Electron has a different application binary interface (ABI) from a given Node.js binary (due to differences such as using Chromium’s BoringSSL instead of OpenSSL), the native modules you use will need to be recompiled for Electron.

You can install modules like other Node projects, and then rebuild the modules for Electron with the electron rebuild package. This module can automatically determine the version of Electron and handle the manual steps of downloading headers and rebuilding native modules for your app.

Example of usage“In node, most modules are written in javascript. Some modules, like the fs module, are written in C/C++, as you can’t edit files from plain javascript. IIRC, these modules are called ‘native’ because the code for these modules is slightly different depending on the OS node runs on.”