Musical Instrument Digital Interface

Meaning – The term MIDI, or musical instrument digital interface, refers to a connectivity standard for transferring digital instrument data. It is primarily used by computers, synthesizers, and electronic keyboards. However, MIDI is supported by several other instruments, such as electronic drums, beatboxes, and even digital stringed instruments like guitars and violins.

If multiple notes are played at once, the MIDI data is transmitted for all the notes simultaneously. Other data that may be sent over a MIDI connection includes the instrument ID, sustain pedal timings, and controller information, such as pitch bend and vibrato.

Most DAW software supports MIDI editing, allowing you to adjust the timing and velocity of individual notes, change their pitch, delete notes, or add new ones.

Example of usage – “The MIDI data can be played back by sending the recorded MIDI notes to the keyboard, which outputs them as audio samples, such as a piano or strings.”