Multitiered application

Meaning – The term multitiered application, refers to an application that is deployed on more than one physical machine. A client/server application is a common multitiered application in which there are two tiers: the client tier (for example, the presentation and the graphical user interface) and the server tier (for example, the service and the database).

Any application that depends on or uses a middleware application is known as a multi-tier application. A multi-tier application is also known as a multitiered application or n-tier application.

A multi-tier application is used to divide an enterprise application into two or more components that may be separately developed and executed.

In software engineering, multitier architecture or multilayer architecture is a client-server architecture in which presentation, application processing, and data management functions are physically separated.

Example of usage“A multi-tier application is an application developed and distributed among more than one layer. It logically separates the different application-specific, operational layers.”