Loopback test

Meaning – The term loopback test, refers to a test in which signals from a tester are looped at a modem or other network element back to the tester for measurements that determine or verify the quality of the communications path.

Loopback testing is a diagnostic procedure in which a signal is transmitted and returned back to the same sending device after passing through all or a portion of a network to test transportation or transportation infrastructure.

Loopback tests can readily be used to test computer serial ports and radio interfaces, and are one of the easiest ways to verify RS-232 communications.

Interfaces such as aggregated Ethernet, gigabit Ethernet, fast Ethernet, etc. can also be configured to execute a loopback test to verify circuit connectivity.

Example of usage“A loopback test is a process of sending digital data streams from a source back to the same point without any intentional modifications.”