Keyword operand

Meaning – The term keyword operand, refers to an operand that consists of a keyword followed by one or more values. They can be in any order, but they cannot appear before positional operands. The word DATASET is a keyword that is followed by the name of the data set enclosed within parentheses.

Some simple TSO/E syntax rules are:

  • The command name must always be first.
  • Positional operands must be next after the command. If there is more than one positional operand, the operands must be in a particular order.
  • Keyword operands, if any, can be in any order after positional operands.
  • If more than one item is within the parentheses following a keyword, the items must be separated by a comma or space.

Example of usage“You can use a keyword operand to pass a value through a keyword parameter into a macro definition. The values you specify in keyword operands override the default values assigned to the keyword parameters.”