Meaning – The term job, in the context of computing, refers to a unit of work defined by a user that is to be accomplished by a computer. Loosely, the term job is sometimes used to refer to a representation of a job. This representation may include a set of computer programs, files, and control statements to the operating system.

A Printing Systems Manager (PSM) object that represents a request to print one or more documents in a single printing session.

A job scheduler often schedules the task that needs to be performed. These are arranged as a batch of jobs that will be given to the OS to perform by executing them in the background when other time-interactive activities are not taking place. The jobs that need to be run are lined up; this is known as a job queue. Jobs are queued up and the time for each job is scheduled using the job scheduler.

Example of usage“In a Tivoli environment, a resource consisting of a task and its preconfigured execution parameters. Among other things, the execution parameters specify the set of hosts on which the job is to execute.”