Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

Meaning – The term Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, refers to the professional society accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to issue standards for the electronics industry.

It is an organization officially formed in 1964 by merging two of the great organizations of the time, AIEE and IRE. It is composed of many technical societies including electronics society, computer society, etc. Also, there is a SIGHT-special interest group for humanitarian technology.

IEEE organizes multiple conferences and workshops and publishes a variety of Journals related to all aspects of computer science and EE.

IEEE is used by university students around the world, to get access to the best and most curated research journals, that help them to understand their field of study better and also offer different perspectives to a single topic.

Example of usage – “She was doing some extensive research on embedded technology and her IEEE membership allowed her to access the best research journals that would help her understand the topics better.”