Input/Output Channel

Meaning – The term input/output channel, refers to a functional unit that handles the transfer of data between internal and peripheral equipment.

It is also defined as a functional unit, controlled by a processor, that handles the transfer of data between processor storage and local peripheral devices.

Alternatively referred to as the input channel and I/O channel, the input/output channel is a line of communication in a computing device. The I/O channel is the channel between the input/output bus and memory to the CPU or a computer peripheral.

Channel processors are simple but contain sufficient memory to handle all I/O tasks. When I/O transfer is complete or an error is detected, the channel controller communicates with the CPU using an interrupt and informs the CPU about the error or the task completion.

Example of usage“The designer and engineer had to study the various input-output channels that existed in a typical computer system, and work on how these channels could be evolved and optimized for their upcoming product.”