Information Management System

Meaning – The term information management system, refers to the database/data communication (DB/DC) system that can manage complex databases and networks.

Information Management System (IMS) is a general term for software designed to facilitate the storage, organization, and retrieval of information.

It collects and manages data that is stored in a variety of formats and makes it accessible to the people who need it.

IMS is also the name of IBM’s mammoth software program developed in the 1960s to support NASA’s Apollo space program. This IMS version was the precursor to IBM’s premier hierarchical database management system (DBMS).

Information management system databases generally come in three forms –

  1. Full function database
  2. Fast Path database
  3. High availability large database

Example of usage“Unlike DB2 (IBM’s relational database software), an IMS database uses segments, or data blocks, as building blocks of the hierarchical model. Within each segment are multiple data pieces, which are known as fields.”