IBM SecureWay Software

Meaning – The term IBM SecureWay Software, refers to the family of IBM software products that provide the reliable, secure communications infrastructure that is necessary for global network computing, thereby enabling e-business. IBM SecureWay Software is based on open, cross-platform standards. IBM SecureWay Software enables an e-business to “locate, connect, and secure,” or, in other words,

to (a) locate the resources (people, information, and applications) in a network,

(b) connect customers, suppliers, business partners, and employees to these resources across multiple, diverse computing systems, operating systems, and networks, and

(c) secure communication, data, and transactions from unauthorized access or intrusion.

SecureWay FirstSecure is the premier security solution for deploying secure e-business.

Example of usage “SecureWay FirstSecure enables companies to build and operate a secure environment in which to conduct trusted e-business. FirstSecure offers an integrated, policy-driven solution to meet IT security needs.”