IBM OS/2 Presentation Manager

Meaning – The term IBM OS/2 Presentation Manager, refers to the front-end data manager and user interface for the IBM OS/2 operating system. It is also an example of a graphical user interface.

Presentation Manager (PM; codenamed Winthorn) was co-developed by Microsoft and IBM’s Hursley Lab in 1987-1988. It was a cross between Microsoft Windows and IBM’s mainframe graphical system.

Although Presentation Manager was designed to be very similar to the upcoming Windows 2.0 from the user’s point of view, and Presentation Manager application structure was nearly identical to Windows application structure, source compatibility with Windows was not an objective.

Example of usage“There is a significant integration of the GUI layer with the rest of the system, but it is still possible to run certain parts of OS/2 from a text console or X window, and it is possible to boot OS/2 into a command-line environment without Presentation Manager.”