Host Processor

Meaning – The term host processor, refers to the processor that controls all or part of a user application network. It is defined as the abstraction used to describe the components of a quantum computing system, referring to the classical computer components driving the part of the system that is user-controlled.

One of the more prominent host processors was the MPC7445 Hostt Processor. The MPC7445 host processor is a high-performance, low-power 32-bit implementation of the RISC architecture with a full 128-bit implementation of Our AltiVec technology.

Delivering a high level of performance with efficient power consumption across virtually all speeds, this innovative processor provides networking and computing product OEMs with a solution for a wide range of host processor applications—including high-performance network infrastructure and telecommunications equipment, computing products, and embedded systems.

Example of usage“The 360-pin MPC7445 Host Processor is an ideal choice for space-constrained applications requiring a smaller embedded CPU footprint.”