Host Command Facility

Meaning – The term host command facility refers to the feature available on System/390, 43xx, and 30xx host systems that enable users to access application programs on other systems as if they were using remotely attached 5250-type display stations.

Host Command Facility is a VTAM application program that runs on an MVS or VSE host. HCF works with its distribution partner, Distributed Host Command Facility (DHCF), so a user at a host terminal can access applications at distributed systems.

The host command facility was released in 1989 and it was withdrawn from marketing in 2001.

Example of usage“Distributed systems where the host command facility was supported included DPPX/370, System I (AS/400), System x (RS/6000), System/1, System/36, and other systems. Executed on z/OS or z/VSE as a VTAM application.”