Half Duplex

Meaning – The term half-duplex, refers to the type of data communication in which data flow can happen to and fro between two devices, but never simlutaneously. In this system, both the devices can send and receive data, but only one can send data at a time.

Most communication protocols are designed to be full-duplex, rather than half duplex. Full-duplex communication allows computers and other devices to communicate back and forth at the same.

Example of usage“The most popular example for a half duplex system, is a walkie talkie. It is considered similar to a telephone, with the difference being that it is built on a half duplex platform. This means that when there are two people using the walkie talkie, only one person can speak at a time. That is why we tend to see people say ‘Over’ or ‘Over and out’ at the end of their messages, to communicate to the receiver that the message is over and a response is expected.”