Meaning – The term graph, refers to the set of vertices and the set of arcs that link pairs of those vertices.

In the context of computing, a graph is an abstract data type that is meant to implement the graph and hypergraph concepts from mathematics.

A graph data structure consists of a finite (and possibly mutable) set of ordered pairs, called edges or arcs, of certain entities called nodes or vertices. As in mathematics, an edge (x,y) is said to point or go from x to y. The nodes may be part of the graph structure, or may be external entities represented by integer indices or references.

Graphs are used to understand the relation between two values within a program or in general study, and often provides a concise and objective outcome that can be used as evidence for a study.

Example of usage“When he was creating a study about his topic of research, he was required to present relevant graphs for all the variables being considered in this report.”