Fun and Games

Meaning – The phrase ‘fun and games’ refers to the activity or activities, that do not result in revenue. Sometimes, after a stressful project has ended, the organization sets up a fun and games session for the employees in order to help them release their stress and have some fun, before jumping on to the next assignment. This ensures that the morale of the employees is kept up and the employees, in turn, are happy to keep working for the organization.

Sometimes, when developing a product, there are certain features that the designer or developers add, that they term as fun and games features. These features are only meant for the user’s entertainment and offer no real capability to the product as a whole.

Fun and Games are not directly related to monetary gains and are focused more on the entertainment side of things.

Example of usage“Since his team had worked hard on the project, he went out of his way and arranged for a week-long fun and games outing for them.”