Full Screen Mode

Meaning – The term ‘full screen mode’ refers to the style of content presentation on the computer, where the active window occupies the entirety of the screen. This ensures that the user is focussed completely on the content of the active window, while also consuming more content than he/she would, in a smaller presentation size.

Usually, full screen mode is used while streaming movies or other media content, reading E-Books, Playing games on the computer or running an application.

All major operating systems have the full screen mode option pre-enabled and ready to use on first boot. The mode can be activated or enabled for a particular applciationndow, by clicking on the expand button on the title bar of the active window, orr it may be automatically activated by the application.

Example of usage “Since he was watching his favourite movie, he switched to full screen mode in order to stay focussed on the content rather than on the background processes or windows that were also open on the desktop.”