Meaning – A filter is a mechanism that is used to segregate content on the web, in order to suit the user and his/her preferences. There are different types of filters that are available in the world of computing. The most common ones are –

  1. Search filter – Search filtering allows you to limit the results to a reduced set that matches the filter(s) you select. Simply speaking, the search filter allows you to set the websites or web pages that you want to view from the universal set of websites on the world wide web.
  2. Email Filter – You can create email filters that automatically filter messages to specific folders within your email account. If you receive hundreds of emails every day, then this filter allows you to show the emails or folders that are most important and hold the most priority for you.

The term filter also refers to a function that limits the data recorded in the database or displayed at the terminal.

Example of usage“Using the search filter on Google, you can decide the kind of web pages that will be displayed, every time you search for something on the search engine.”