File Transfer

Meaning – The term ‘file transfer’ refers to the process of sharing a file, of any kind, between one computer and another computer or a group of computers. Today, uses can share absolutely any kind of file using various file transfer applications that have been available for computers. Technologies like Bluetooth and WiFi are built into most electronic devices today, and they are the primary tools used for file transfer. Developers have developed applications that make use of the fundamental technologies within computers and smartphones and assist the users in sharing and transferring files between multiple devices and users.

Today, due to security concerns, it is very important to verify the authenticity of a file transfer application before using it as there are some malicious applications on the web that masquerade as file transfer apps, but in reality, extract your personal data.

Example of usage“He had recently downloaded some really cool wallpapers for his smartphone and he used a popular file transfer application to share them with his friends, who also had the same device as him, and wanted those creative wallpapers.”