File Name Extension

Meaning – The term ‘file name extension’ is an abbreviation that identifies the kind of content stored inside a file. The extension is a suffix attached to the end of the filename and by studying this suffix, the individual can identify what find of the file he/she is dealing with.

While most file extensions are three characters in length, they can be as short as one character or longer than twenty characters. Sometimes long file extensions are used to more clearly identify the file type.

Both Windows and macOS allow you to change the file extension of the files, and by doing this the default application used to open the file, is automatically changed.

Example of usage“In the filename “example.txt,” the .TXT is the file extension. It indicates the file is a text document. Similarly, we have .DOCX, which is used for Microsoft Word documents, and .PSD, which is the standard file extension for Photoshop documents.”