Fault Management

Meaning – The term fault management, refers to the process of identifying, isolating, and correcting the faults within a system. There are many types of faults that plague the hardware and software components within a system. In order to fix these faults, organizations or individuals employ a three-step process.

  1. Identify – In this stage, the fault that is plaguing the system. This can be done by referring to the prescribed manual or after personal research.
  2. Isolate – In this stage, the faulty component is isolated from the rest of the system. This way, the system can continue to function while the faulty can be resolved.
  3. Correcting – In this stage, the fault itself is diagnosed and corrected using the prescribed methods.

Example of usage“He was hired by the organization to help with the faults in the devices, as he was an expert at fault management.”