Meaning – The term envelope, refers to a secured digital container that is used to secure the message that is being sent, using the designated encryption techniques. This acts like a real-life envelope, which is also used to protect the letter being sent, from getting tampered with or intercepted. However, unlike the real envelope, the digital envelope keeps the message secured, even if it is intercepted, as the message can only be revealed after using the decryption key.

It uses two layers of encryption to protect the message – Secret (symmetric) key and public key encryption.

Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman (RSA) Public-Key Cryptography Standard (PKCS) #7 governs the application of cryptography to data for digital envelopes and digital signatures.

A digital envelope is also known as a digital wrapper.

Example of usage“An example of a digital envelope is Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) – a popular data cryptography software that also provides cryptographic privacy and data communication authentication.”