Enterprise Server

Meaning – The term ‘enterprise server’, refers to a computer that contains programs that work to serve the entire organization, rather than just an individual or a single application.

The first instance of an enterprise server was the mainframe computers. However, they were not categorically referred to as servers until recently. Today, smaller Unix-based and Wintel-based servers are designed to be powerful enough to serve as enterprise-grade servers and as such, their classification has been updated to reflect the same.

Typically, an enterprise server consists of both, the computer hardware and the operating system.

There are cases where organizations refer to the enterprise server as a “super program” that runs under the operating system in a computer and provides services for the system administrator and for the business application programs.

Example of usage“Common examples of enterprise servers include Sun Microsystems’ computers with their UNIX -based Solaris or Linux systems, Hewlett-Packard ( HP ) systems, the upper end of Windows 2000 systems, and IBM’s iSeries systems (the largest of which is the zSeries 900 -formerly called the S/390).”