Enterprise Firewall Manager

Meaning – Usually, when an organization operates from multiple locations and employs multiple systems for various tasks, security becomes a major concern. This is shown to be even more concerning when the organization is a big one and has thousands of individuals working on various tasks at the same time. In such cases, it becomes imperative that the organization gets some kind of control over the security of these devices and the best solution for that, is an enterprise firewall manager.

An enterprise firewall manager is a component of the Firewall that allows an organization to manage the configuration of multiple firewalls from a central location. This term may also refer to a machine on which this component is installed or to an individual Firewall that is configured to be the EFM.

Example of usage“The organization grew to a thousand employees over the year, and thus, had to employ the use of an enterprise firewall manager to get a grip on the security of each employees’ data.”