Meaning – The word emulation, refers to the process of imitating or reproducing. In this regard, the term emulation, from the point of view of computing, is when one system imitates or reproduces another system.

This process can be achieved using both hardware and software components. Currently, due to its cost-effective nature, people prefer to perform computer emulation using the software.

One of the most common types of software emulation involves running different operating systems in a virtual environment.

Another popular type of software emulation allows console video games to be run on computer systems. Consoles such as the timeless Nintendo Gameboy series, DS series, Microsoft Xbox and Playstation have all been converted into emulators for the PC. What must be kept in mind, is that emulators require certain minimum specifications in order to run properly.

Example of usage“The gamer wanted to relive the old days, and since he did not have his consoles anymore, he decided to experience the games on his computer, using the corresponding emulators.”