Meaning – The term disabled, refers to the state of unresponsiveness of certain files or websites, due to instructions given to the CPU, by the user.

Sometimes, the CPU itself will disable certain processes, if it deems them unnecessary, in order to free up resources for more critical processes.

In VTAM, the term disabled, refers to a logical unit (LU) that has indicated to its system services control point (SSCP) that it is temporarily not ready to establish LU-LU sessions. An initiate request for a session with a disabled logical unit (LU) can specify that the session be queued by the SSCP until the LU becomes enabled. The LU can separately indicate whether this applies to its ability to act as a primary logical unit (PLU) or a secondary logical unit (SLU).

Example of usage“When she opened he task manager, she saw that some of the processes had been disabled by the CPU.”