Dialog Pop-Up

Meaning – In the context of computing, a dialog pop up, is a pop up window, that appears when the user interacts with certain elements on the desktop. The dialog pop, is just like a dialog window, and contains a conversation like dialog that users can read and respond to.

In some cases, the dialog pop up appears, when the user tries to access an element or a feature that is not authorised for access, and the pop up window simply presents an alert and a message that the particular feature is either unaccessible or unavailable.

In other cases, a dialog pop up appears when the software wants to confirm a particular operation that the user has triggered. In this, the dialog pop up offers the dialog as well as interactive buttons that the user can choose, depending on the response.

Example of usage“When he tried to access the locked items within the software, he was greeted by a dialog pop up that told him that he was not authorised beyond that point.”