DB2 for VSE and VM

Meaning – The Database Management 2 package works on a host of operating systems, including Linux, Unix-Like and Windows. IBM has tailor made the DB2 package for the VSE and VM operating systems, making it, a truly inclusive and multi platform database management package.

The major talking points of DB2 for VSE and VM are –

  1. Db2 Server for VSE and VM provides enhanced interoperability between z/VSE and distributed platforms such as Linux on IBM Z running applications including Db2 and WebSphere.
  2. The Client edition delivers powerful features and improved performance to help integrate z/VSE and Linux on IBM Z.
  3. The Client edition allows you to purchase only the Db2 client, without having to pay for the database server.

The DB2 for VSE and VM is available in two version – an on-premises version and a cloud version. Enterprises or individuals can choose the one that best suits their requirement.

Example of usage “As the business was using the VSE operating system, the obvious choice for a database management package, was IBM’s DB2 for VSE and VM.”