Database Record

Meaning – A database record, is a record within a database, that is used to hold a specific value. Many of these records are then grouped together and saved in a table. Every table within a database, holds a records that possess a specific value, pertaining to a specific context. This ensures that each record is grouped within a table that contains other similar records, thereby keeping all the information organised.

Creating a new record within a table, gives rise to a new row, and thus, records are also commonly referred to as rows. Records are very easy to create, and can also be edited or deleted without affecting the rest of the database.

A database record also offers a very practical way to save and pull out data from the database.  Each record can have diverse types of data, and thus a single row could have several kinds of information.

Example of usage“The database administrator had to create a new record to store the data pertaining to each new recruit.”