Coordinated Universal Time

Meaning – The Coordinated Universal Time, refers to the time scale, based on the SystËme International (SI) second, as defined and recommended by the ComitÈ Consultatif International de la Radio (CCIR) and maintained (using an atomic clock) by the Bureau International des Poids et Mesures (BIPM).

The SI system is based on three fundamental quantities – The length (Meters), weight (kilograms) and time (seconds). Due to these unis, the system of measurement is also known as the MKS system.

The UTC corresponds to the solar time recorded at the Greenwich Meridien, which is the Longitude at zero degrees. The time zone for other longitudes is measured with respect to the UTC in terms of the hourly difference. Many organisations schedule their events directly based on the UTC, and it falls on their subsidiaries around the world, to calculate he equivalent time at their particular locations.

Example of usage“She was looking forward to her favourite online tech event, so she ensured hat she converted the UTC time, to her local time, and saved that to her calendar.”