Computer Science Network

Meaning – The computer science network, also known as CSNet, is a now defunct network, that was designed to provide networking capabilities to universities that could not connect to the ARPANET. This initiative saw funding from the National Science Foundation, for a period of three years, starting from its inception in 1981 till 1984.

CSNet stared by offering this service to a few universities, but by the end, more than 180 universities worldwide, had been connected to CSNet. This initiative was meant to create a truly open network that could be used by computer researchers for a usage fee.

The CSNET project had three primary components: email relay, name service and TCP/IP-over-X.25 tunnelling technology. Users initially accessed CSNet via email relaying, through specific gateways, over dial-up, or X.29/X.25 terminal emulation.

In 1991, the establishment of regional networks rendered CSNet redundant and the project was shut down.

Example of usage“The university she studies in, was one of the universities connected via CSNet back in the day.”