Code Name

Meaning – When an organisation is developing a new product (Hardware or Software), they usually refer to it using a code name. This code name is a temporary name given to the product in question, and it is chosen such that it does not give out any hints to what the product is based on, o what the product is designed to perform.

This tactic is used to throw off the competitors who are trying to copy the organisation and sometimes, even beat them to the finish line.

The code name is also kept within a closed circle of employees, typically, the ones who are working on the product. In order to avoid any sort of predictions, the organisation assigns a totally irrelevant code name to the product, so that, even if the codename wast to leak into the market, no conclusions on the true product can be made.

Example of usage“The game developer had to refer to the name game in development, by its code name, to avoid giving out any leaks on the actual product.”