Meaning – The word cascading refers to the process of connecting network controllers to each other, in such a way that each one controls the others in levels of succession.

Cascading also refers to the use of the current limiting capacity of circuit breakers at a given point to permit installation of lower-rated and therefore lower-cost circuit breakers downstream.

The upstream compact circuit breakers acts as a barrier against short-circuit currents. In this way, downstream circuit breakers with lower breaking capacities than the prospective short-circuit (at their point of installation) operate under their normal breaking conditions.

In computer science, the word cascading refers to the process of opening multiple document windows such that each window is placed inside the other, and the title bars are visible, all at once, to help access each window separately.

Example of usage“When she needs to handle multiple documents on the computer, she makes it a point to cascade all windows to access content easily.”