Meaning – A card, or computer card is a pcb (printed circuit board), that slots into the motherboard to perform a specific function. One of the most common functions of a computer card is to convert and process signals for communication with other devices.

The computer card is based on the standards put forward by the Personal Computer Memory Card International Association (PCMCIA), an industry group organized in 1989 to promote standards for both memory and I/O integrated circuit card. The PCMCIA 2.1 Standard was published in 1993.

The standard is more commonly adhered to in portable computers, but the same applies for desktops as well. The computer cards are available in three sizes – Type 1 (3.3mm thickness), Type 2 (5mm thickness) and Type 3 (10.5mm thickness).

Example of usage“The gamer decided to buy a GPU card for his computer, to enhance its gaming and rendering capabilities.”