Meaning – The word CADAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) is the process of using computers in the design and manufacturing of products like cars, gadgets, airplanes and even new computer models.

The process involves drafting a CAD file that encapsulates the dimensions and appearance of the product in various standard views (Front, Top, Side and Back), converting this 2D CAD file to a 3D model that accounts for clearances and manufacturing limitations. After this, the 3D model is pushed on to the manufacturer, who uses a 3D printer to prototype the design, and if the design is verified and declared free of errors, it is taken ahead for final manufacturing.

This process is being optimised every year, with the introduction of a lot of automation at the manufacturing side. However, the human touch will never really be lost since the initial design requires imagination, which is not possible through machines.

Example of Usage “The CAD designer was an integral part of the design and manufacturing process.”