Meaning – A button is a part of a mechanical pointing device, such as a mouse, that is used to initiate an interaction between the digital mouse pointer and some content on the screen on the computer. The button on a mouse is designed to have a downward travel when you press it, and usually produces a clicking sound as a form of audio feedback when you successfully click the specific mouse button.

Buttons are also found on the CPU, Monitor and the keyboard as well. Each of the buttons are mapped to a specific action, which makes each of these buttons equally important and unique.

The buttons on a computer are usually made out of plastic, but there are exceptions where you will find a metallic button. This does not make a difference as far as the action is concerned, but does impact the look and feel of the device itself.

Example of Usage“The customer was pleasantly surprised to see metallic buttons on the PC, instead of the usual plastic ones that he was used to.”