Bulletin Board

Meaning – A bulletin board is a place in the IBM facilities, which holds important announcements, alerts, news clippings, calendar events and other important documents that are meant for the organisation or the department as a whole.

It must be noted that the phrase ‘Bulletin Board’ is not restricted to IBM, as we find these boards in every organisation, school colleges and even simple department stores. It serves as a quick way to display a lot of important information to everyone in that establishment. Bulletin boards are placed in areas where the employees, students or even customers pass by often and therefore, give a glance to this board every now and then. In addition, the organisation sends a notification to its employees to take a look at the notice board for any new updates or announcements.

Example of usage“The employee was instructed to put up the news clippings about his achievements, on the department notice board, for everyone to see and get motivated.”