Meaning – The word buffer, refers to a block of physical memory in a system, that is used to temporarily store data, when it is being transported from one location to another. The use of buffer is important, as it helps in avoiding loss of data, during the transmission of data.

This buffer is comparable to buffers in telecommunication. Now, when its comes to buffers, they can be a fixed memory location in hardware, or a virtual memory location in the software. In software, this buffer can also be the faster RAM that is capable of holding the temporary days during the transportation process.

A buffer often adjusts timing by implementing a queue (or FIFO) algorithm in memory, simultaneously writing data into the queue at one rate and reading it at another rate.

Example of Usage“The buffer between a serial port (UART) and a MODEM. The COM port speed may be 38400 bit/s while the MODEM may have only a 14400 bit/s carrier.”