Meaning – The word broadcast refers to the act of transmitting the same data to all the required destinations. Broadcasting information is a task that is performed in various industries, including media, gaming, IT and many more.

In the present day, the most commonly types of data that are transmitted are videos and audio content. While radio transmission has been around for a while and people still enjoy listening to content on the radio, while driving, the mediums have now diversified and commodities like video content streaming and podcasts, where the same content is transmitted to all the registered users at the same time, are also gaining popularity.

One more instance of broadcasting content over the air, is the software upgrade package that brands seed for all the compatible smartphones across the world. These number in the millions and all the selected places get the upgrade at the same time.

Example of usage“We were all eagerly waiting for the latest episode of our favourite show, to drop on the streaming platform.”