Meaning – A bottleneck, is a software or hardware that limits the performance of a system or network. Usually, a PC or a network is designed to perform to a certain capacity. However, limitations in the software or certain hardware components, force the system to perform at a level that is much lower than its rated value. Such a software or Hardware component, that forces the system to perform slower, is called a bottleneck.

Usually, a when there isa technology gap between the software and the finally system, a bottleneck is born. the best way to avoid such an eventuality, it to keep the software updated and the hardware relevant to the current market standard.

Example of usage“If an adapter has hardware that can forward 14,000 packets per second, and software that can process 4,000 packets per second, the packet throughput is limited to 4, 000 packets per second; and the software is the bottleneck.”