Boiler Plate

Meaning – Whenever a presentation is prepared, there may be some facts or points that may evoke some negative sentiments, or even cause controversy. However, they have to be included to make the point known. Now to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings, the person designing the presentation, adds in a few slides or graphics or elects in the presentation, that act as distractions from these controversial points.

Such a slide, that is used as a distraction, is referred to, as a Boiler Plate. There is no restriction on how many boiler plates are inserted into a presentation, and is completely dependent on the person designing the presentation. It must be kept in mind that no matter how many boiler plates are added, the final presentation has to be approved by the manager in charge, before it is taken forward for the final stage.

Example of Usage“The presentation needed a few boiler plates, as the content was great but had the potential to ruffle a few feathers here and there.”