Beta Test

Meaning -This term usually applies to product or software makers in the market. Beta Test refers to the process of testing a pre-released version of a product or software, by making it available to a select group of users and potential customers.

When a product or a software is in the beta testing stage, it is never a polished version, and the whole point of the best test is to get an outsider’s perspective on the release, as there are always some obvious bugs or glitches that are noticeable to an outsider looking in.

Developers who work on the software for months or years, develop a connection to the product, and sometimes, very rarely, tend to miss a small, but crucial bug in the release, and beta testers help developers locate and squash such bugs in order to prepare a more stable release for public launch.

Beta testing is also performed to get a general opinion about the product in question. Beta testers are usually a group of loyal users of the brand, and some who have never used the brand before. This gives the company, a good set of reviews and allows them to improve in areas that the testers were left wanting.

Example of Usage“He was very excited to be a part of the best tester group for his favourite upcoming game”.