Meaning – When a company plans a new product development, the designers, analysts and the team involved perform the due diligence and market study before the project begins and after the product has been made. At the latter stage, if the product is found to be comparable, or better than its peers in the ,market, it is termed to be Best-Of-Breed.

Every organisation strives to make their products the best-of-breed, as it ensures that the company is always moving forward, and that the aims of the employees and the scope of the product itself, it forward thinking.

Sometimes, when the product is still in the planning the stage, the team gets a good enough idea about the potential of the finished product, and it has been observed that the upcoming product is already considered a best-of-breed as is fulfils the requirements to be comparable to its peers in the market, both currently, and when the product is finally ready for launch.

Example of Usage“The designer was so confident about his work on the product, that he wholeheartedly claimed it to be best-of-breed.”