Bells and Whistles

Meaning – Usually, when a company releases a new product or software, they tend to add certain aesthetic elements here and there, to make the product appealing to the public. These additions may not even have a real impact on the performance of the product, and as such, are just there for visual impact. Such elements are known as ‘Bells and Whistles’.

Organisations today, have to be very innovative about these bells and whistles, as the market tends to get saturated with similar products, and there are times when the only differentiating factors, are these so called bells and whistles. It could be something as simple as the wallpapers on your smartphone UI, or a custom ringtone.

Whatever the case, the bells and whistles in a product play a major role in convincing users to ultimately decide whether or not they want to buy the product or software.

Example of Usage“There were many smartphones in the electronic store, but he went for the one that had the most bells and whistles.”