Meaning – In Programming, the word Bean corresponds to JavaBean, which is a class that encapsulates many objects into a single object. This single object is nothing but the bean.

Beans in Java re serialisable, contain a zero-argument constructor and allow access to properties using the getter and setter method.

The Bean can also be defined as a reusable software component that be manipulated visually using an application builder tool.

Some of the advantages of using Java Beans are as follows –

  1. The properties, events and methods of the bean can be exposed to another application.
  2. A Bean can be registered to receive events from other objects.
  3. You can use auxiliary software to configure the bean.
  4. The configuration settings of the bean can be saved and restored at a later date.

Example of UsageJavaBeans is pretty compatible, there isn’t any new complicated mechanism for registering components with the run-time system.”